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Free U.S. Domestic Shipping with ALL orders over $40
Free U.S. Domestic Shipping with ALL orders over $40


Unit won't turn on

1. Make sure you've charged the unit using the provided USB cable for at least 3 hours.
2. Make sure the USB cable is NOT connected when trying to turn on the unit.
3. If the problem still persists please email us at:, we will send you a free replacement and issue your refund.

Can't increase intensity / Buttons don't work

For safety, the electrode pads need to be plugged in to the cables, and be already in contact with the skin before the device starts to run current through the cables, therefore intensity buttons won't work until this is so.

1. Make sure to connect electrode pads to the cables and apply them to the desired area before increasing intensity. It is ok to use only one cable but both electrodes in the cable need to be connected for it to work.

Warning: Please avoid moving and handling the electrode parts while there is current passing through, this might result in uncomfortable shocks in some cases.

Pads won't stick to my skin

1. Make sure the skin area is clean without any lotion, sunscreen or skincare product.

2. Pads can be reused many times, at least 30 times without the need for additional conductive gel, however it is recommended to put a drop of water in the middle of the pad to improve its stickiness after repeated use.
Alternatively a drop of Conductive / ECG gel (not included) will made them last longer.

I don't know what mode should I use for my condition?

The device offers 3 modes (TENS / EMS and RELAX) and 8 patterns inside each mode.
We selected the best patterns for each mode, although please keep in mind that all 3 functions happen at the same time in all modes and patterns.

For Pain Relief: TENS mode = muscular and joint pain relief.
For Muscle Recovery: EMS mode = stimulate muscles providing optimal recovery and performance.
For Relaxation Massage: RELAX mode = Relaxation to muscles.

The same principle is used in all modes, and every condition is different, therefore we recommend testing each mode and pattern for your specific goal or situation, and use the ones that feel the best for you.

I don't know how to apply the pads correctly.

If the pain is not too deep and feels more on the surface, we recommend using only 2 pads diagonally (1 cable).

If your pain is deeper, it's best to use all 4 pads (2 cables) in a diagonal cross shape, with the point of most pain in the center.

If you have further questions, or need support returning an unit please email us at: