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Electronic Muscle Stimulators Can Help Tone, Repair, and Rejuvenate Your Muscles

Our body has over six-hundred muscles, both involuntary or smooth muscles (muscles we don’t control with thought, such as breathing and pumping blood through the body) and voluntary muscles (also known as skeletal muscles because they attach to your bones and work together with your skeletal system). These are the muscles that we use to run, jump, and lift things. When our muscles are healthy, we are able to run and dance and play sports. Sometimes we hurt our muscles, either slightly, as with a sprain, or severely, as with a muscle tear. Our body often feels aches and pains from our sore muscles, and you need to repair or rejuvenate your muscles as a result. Electronic muscle stimulators can help relieve pain while repairing your muscles.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) for pain:

A small hand-held stimulator is easy to use and can help with pain that occurs at home, in the office, or wherever you are. The electronic muscle stimulator generates an electrical impulse that will strike the body part (muscle) and then affect the nervous system. Using the pad, you can direct the impulse to the area of the body that is impacted and sore. This could be a very specific area of the body or a general area, such as the back or legs.

As we enjoy our sports, from hockey and football to extreme sports of heliskiing and cliff jumping, our muscles are pushed to the limits. At the end of the day, our bodies are sore, and using a TENS machine can help the pain and rejuvenate our muscles so that we are good to go again.

TENS can be used to help with aging.

We get older even if we don’t accept it. There is an old saying that you are only as old as you feel. When our bodies hurt, then we feel old and begin to slow down. Our muscles also age. The elasticity begins to weaken and they become less tight than they use to be. When the muscles attached to the bones are weakened, people don’t move as well.

Exercise is one of the best things to ensure that your body stays as healthy as possible. Exercise and walking are hard when everything hurts. An electronic muscle stimulator can help by easing the pain, keeping the muscles tighter, and making people active even as they age.

Electronic muscle stimulators can help fight stress and fatigue

These home-based machines can help fight stress and fatigue in our fast-paced world. TENS can help in a couple of ways. By attaching electronic muscle stimulators to the neck and shoulder area and setting the pulse to a massage setting, it can relax the tense muscles in these areas. This relaxation can ease headaches and also help with any tension that occurs due to stress.

Electronic muscle stimulators can also mimic physical activity. When exercising, the body will release endorphins and oxygenate your blood and muscles. A well oxygenated muscle will not feel as fatigued and will create more energy. This energy can then be used to fight stress and tension.

For more information about how electronic muscles stimulators can help create a better quality of life, click here.
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