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How Do Posture Shirts Work?

How Do Posture Shirts Work?

Posture is becoming a major problem for many people. With more and more people working at desks or hunching over laptops, our posture is getting worse. Good posture isn’t just for looking good, though; having consistently poor posture in sitting and standing positions can actually lead to health problems, which is why many people are turning to solutions like a posture shirt to help them improve their posture.

Some of the negative health effects of poor posture that can be solved by a posture shirt include:

• Pain in your neck, back, and shoulders due to unnecessary strain on those muscle groups.

• Poor circulation and an increased susceptibility to varicose veins.

• Impaired lung function due to increased pressure on your breathing muscle groups and decreased capacity in your lungs.

• Poor digestion from compressing your digestive tract, including your intestines.

• Shifts in your spine and other bone positions. This can occur over long-term poor posture and can lead to painful nerve issues.

• Misaligned spine and muscle spasms from incorrect spinal positioning.

• In some cases, you can permanently affect the curvatures of your spine.

How a posture shirt can help

With so many potential issues that can arise from poor posture, many people are looking for solutions, as the poster shirt, that can help them during their everyday activities. After all, while regular exercise can help you alleviate the issues of poor posture, a constant reminder can help you when you are absent-mindedly engaging in behavior or positions that can affect your posture.

A posture shirt sometimes referred to as a “compression shirt” is actually the result of developing athletic shapewear. Posture shirts are developed with the same materials as your high-end gym clothes, but with special spandex blends that add elasticity. When combined with the right sizing, a posture shirt actually gently pulls on your body at key points where you can adjust your posture. The result: a shirt that actually subtly reminds you to adjust your posture for the better without creating undue strain or annoyance.

Where have you seen posture shirts in action?

Posture shirts have been used by athletes and regular people to improve their posture and make them more aware of how their body is positioned during their regular routines. This can include helping improve your posture at work, where you can wear a posture shirt as an undershirt, or to help you improve your form during workouts at the gym or at home.

If you are suffering from poor posture, whether it is because of your working conditions, sleep position, or other issues, then you may benefit from a posture shirt. These wonderful pieces of clothing can actually help you remember to practice good posture in all of your activities, and they can help shape your body at the same time. Neocarbon has a wide array of posture shirts and other products that can help you lead a healthier life with better posture. So if you want to improve your posture and look great while doing it, check out our line of products to help you live a happier, healthier life.
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