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Wrist Wraps for Deadlifts - A Buying Guide

Wrist Wraps for Deadlifts - A Buying Guide

Going to the gym has become a fairly popular pastime for many people around the globe, especially since gyms have become more available and inclusive to all - not just bodybuilders. Many people frequent gyms to stay healthy, improve their level of fitness, and to be more satisfied with how their bodies look and perform. However, working out is not as simple as it seems. It is important to have the proper form and equipment while you work out in order to avoid injuring yourself. This is especially true for exercises that can cause great strain if performed incorrectly. One such exercise is the deadlift, when properly executed, increases core strength as well as working more muscles than any other weightlifting exercise. This comes with the downside of having a greater chance of injuring yourself if the move is performed incorrectly. Neocarbon’s wrist wraps for deadlifting eliminate this possibility, allowing you to perform this beneficial exercise confidently without fear of injury.

What Wrist Wraps Should Have:

Your wrist wraps for deadlifting should give you additional support in your wrists and make lifting heavy weights a bit easier. Your wrist wraps should also provide increased grip strength. Our hands can become sweaty from working out, or our grip just isn’t strong enough to complement our stronger muscles like our legs and core. If your grip gives out first, then you aren’t working out to the best of your ability. So, having a wrist wrap that helps improve your grip strength leads to a better workout, and having additional support in your wrists will help them not give out as quickly as you perform heavier deadlift sets.

Deadlifts - Why You Should Wear Wrist Wraps:

As mentioned above, having poor wrist and grip strength can result in subpar workouts that don’t allow you to grow stronger. The best time to use your wrist wraps is when you absolutely need the extra grip strength and wrist support, such as when you are trying to lift heavier than you are used to. That moment when your wrists give in to the weight, but your body hasn’t collapsed from exhaustion is the perfect moment to put on your wrist wraps. That’s not to say you can’t wear them for lighter weights as well, and you certainly can, since these wrist wraps are also used to prevent injuries. Some common injuries that can result from deadlifting can include lower back strains, bicep tears, wrist flexor strain, pulled glutes and hamstrings, and rotator cuff strain. The deadlift can result in all these injuries since all of these muscles are in play as you perform the exercise; however, this also means that you are getting an amazing workout when you perform it correctly. You can improve cores strength, leg strength, and arm strength with the deadlift - as long as you are performing it correctly. This means having the proper form and wearing protective gear if you need it or if you feel more comfortable with it. Exercising safely will lead you to increased strength without the cost of painful and long-lasting injuries. So, invest in wrist wraps to ensure that you are working out as safely as possible.
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